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We provide a free vegan animal communicator directory. The directory:


Helps people discover vegan Animal Communicators whose services they might like to enlist.


Helps interested students find a vegan Animal Communication teacher.


Lets animal sanctuaries know which ACs are happy to provide free communic- ation sessions for their animal residents.

R E Q U I R E M E N T S  T O  B E   L I S T I E D

The listing on the directory is free.

Before registering to be listed on the directory we ask that you please ensure the following:

  • That you follow a vegan diet and lifestyle. This means that you do not eat meat from any land animals, any ocean animals and creatures, you do not eat eggs, and you do not consume milk products from animal species, and that to the best of your ability you avoid products derived from animals including fur and leather. If you eat eggs or drink dairy every once in a while, this isn't considered vegan for our purposes.
      We have made this decision because we want to serve vegans by creating a hub of like-minded people to connect with and learn from. Making connections with inspirational, motivated vegans who honor and prioritize this lifestyle is something that makes a vegan heart soar! And this is what we want to create for vegans - a place of inspiration and upliftment that comes through connecting people with the same vegan values. We want to list people who are dedicated vegans so that other vegans can have that excitement and gratitude at meeting another kindred spirit in this world that can be so overwhelming and disappointing.
      Although being vegetarian comes from a sincere place of minimizing suffering, most animals are still severely exploited and treated terribly for their by-products including their milk, eggs, fur, skin etc. This suffering by the animal people is contributing to the imbalances in the world via various mechanisms including energetic and scientifically validated means. So unfortunately the vegetarian diet isn't quite enough to help create the shift that is needed to bring our world back into balance right now, hence we wish to list only those who are completely dedicated to the vegan diet on the directory.


  • You are happy to discuss your vegan diet and lifestyle with those who ask about it and want to learn from your insights and experiences.

  • You agree that if you change your lifestyle to deviate from being vegan, that you will email us to request that you be removed from the directory. You don't have to state why you wish to be removed as your choices are respected.

    We consider the directory to be a public service, and we sincerely wish to provide honest information to those that utilize it. There is so much value and appreciation that is linked to finding vegan professionals in this domain, so we wish to honor people by providing accurate and honest information. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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I N F O R M A T I O N  T O  P R O V I D E

To be listed for free on the directory, please email us the following information:
[Email us at 
vegan ac network (at) gmail (dot) com]:

  • The name that you would like listed on the directory (a first name is OK without a surname).

  • Which country/continent you would like to be listed under.

  • A link to your website.

  • Links to any interviews that feature you (we might be able to provide a link to this).

  • A photograph of yourself if you would like this included (this is optional).

  • Please tell us if you do any of the following so we may include this information:
    - Do you run an animal sanctuary?
    - Are an animal communication teacher?
    - Are happy to provide free animal communication to an animal sanctuary?


We will email you once your directory listing is completed!

T H A N K   Y O U ! !

Thank you for being a deep source of compassion for the animal people and our beautiful planet via your vegan diet and the cherished service of animal communication / interspecies communication that you provide.


We honor your commitment to being a source and example of kindness in the world and helping to usher in a new era of wisdom, kindness and enlightenment.


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