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The Vegan Animal Communicator Network is a platform that connects like-minded souls around the world who value the immense blessings that the vegan diet brings to our fellow Earthlings - the animal co-inhabitants, as well as the trees and plants, rivers and oceans, Mother Earth, and humanity.


We are living in a very rare time in history when the effects of our choices are felt more intensely than in other times past. We are reaping the consequences of choices that have been made that do not serve our earth, the animals, or humanity. The vegan diet and lifestyle provides a new way of living with the potential to transform our world into the peaceful haven that we all yearn for. 


Our mission is to provide the following free of charge:

  • To support vegan Animal Communicators (ACs), Interspecies Communicators (ISCs) and students by providing a network of people who share the same values.  
    We do this in part by sending out a monthly newsletter and publishing a digital journal. 

  • Provide a directory of vegan animal communicators for those seeking AC services and vegan AC teachers.

  • To support animal sanctuaries by indicating which ACs on the directory are happy to donate their AC service for free to assist animals living in charitable, non-profit sanctuaries and animal safe havens.  

  • To share important information about the merits of the vegan diet on the individual, societal, environmental, global and universal level. 

  • To share scientific research regarding our global environmental crisis and the role that the vegan diet plays in halting and reversing this damage.

  • To share helpful health and well-being information to encourage health, well-being, vitality and serenity in ACs.



To gracefully work for the highest good, with a spirit of service. To uplift our consciousness  through our individual choices, actions and words. 


To be a source of kindness. To try to be an example of kindness. To remember that suffering is something that we all have in common, hence striving to lead with compassion for others and also practice self-compassion to the best of our ability.

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W H Y ? 
T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N . . .

This group is dedicated to those who wish to experience all of the wonder and love that AC and interspecies communication has to offer, while embracing their vegan lifestyle. This network is dedicated to you, to help you feel supported by like-minded individuals.

As ACs or ICs, we also have to care for our wellbeing. The VACN Journal will provide information on health and well-being to help you maintain your vitality and serenity which also helps when communicating with animals and nature.


It is our hope that this network will help to uplift you, bring you joy on your AC path, and bring some inspiration during these challenging times that we are facing on Earth. 


You don't have to be vegan or an Animal Communicator to subscribe to our newsletter or journal. The contents will interest people who love animals and nature, are interested in spirituality, are interested in natural health, appreciate delicious recipes, and enjoy topics that help to uplift one's mood and consciousness. So do subscribe!


Thank you. You are appreciated.

Together we are creating a compassionate world that we all long for!

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